Big Fat Lies: A case against sugar

For decades the USDA has recommended that sugars in various forms – bread, cereal, rice etc., are good sources of nutrition.  In 1992 they double downed and stated that not only are they good sources of nutrition but that these sugars should be the bulk of what Americans should be eating. This was done in spite of  mounting evidence that suggested sugars in most forms should only be eaten in moderation.

In 1972 a British professor by the name of John Yudkin wrote a book titled “Pure, White, Deadly.” In the book Yudkin explained that sugars are toxic to the body.  They are behind denta caries, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.  This was in stark contrast to the narrative being told by most medical doctors and government entities such as the USDA. Every so often similar research would surface but not much seemed to change. Why would clinicians and governmental departments ignore the data and tell us the opposite of what is true?

Recent documents were published showing that scientists and government officials have been paid off both in direct bribes and through lobbying money. Stanton Glantz who is a professor of medicine at U.C.S.F. found documents internal to the sugar industry which showed that they had paid off 3 Harvard scientists the modern equivalent to $50,000 to shift the blame of cardiovascular disease from sugar to animal fats.  This continued up until the present day with corporations funding their own research and getting the same results.  But its all junk science.

After decades of having lies shouted at us from every angle its difficult to accept that a diet high in fats, including a ketogenic diet which can be high in animal fats, is actually good for us. It just feels wrong.  I know because I’m doing it.  The other difficult part is being a strict adherent to the diet because SUGAR IS FUCKING EVERYWHERE.  and its fucking delicious.

The ketogenic diet does work.  And it makes sense once you dig into the physiology of it from research without ties to sugar companies. I feel much better and have lost over 50lbs thanks to it. It takes some discipline and work but it can be rewarding.  The biggest reward is living a longer healthier life and looking good while naked doesn’t hurt either.




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