I cheated. I’m not sorry and I don’t regret it.

I cheated on my wife.

3 weeks ago my wife asked me to join her on a Whole 30 Challenge. For 30 days we were to eat whole foods and no dairy, sugars, alcohol, grains, legumes, and soy products. I’ve been on a keto diet for the past year but was sabotaging myself with some artificial sweeteners like sucralose. I was still able to lose 40+ lbs but I couldn’t push past that and thought this was the perfect time to tighten up my diet.

It wasn’t that difficult. 3 weeks in I’ve lost 10 lbs and 2 inches on my waist. But the main reason I wanted to do this was for cardiovascular health. Grain fed meat and dairy products, artificial sweeteners, etc., that come from animals fed grain can still have a significant negative impact on one’s health. Everything was going great. I was being very mindful of what was going into my body.At lunch one day I ordered a grass fed burger with no cheese. The bartender put the order in with no cheese. Burger comes out….with cheese.  What’s a guy to do? I’ll tell you what this guy did…I ate it. And enjoyed it. Didn’t feel bad one bit. It was quite delicious. I was on a lunch break and didn’t have time for a remake. But I still would have eaten if I had the time.

But I wouldn’t do it again. Not for a few weeks. I’m not going to let one misstep ruin my motivation or all my previous effort. And neither should anyone else. People can be their own worst enemy. They are their own harshest critics and saboteurs. Many of us strive for perfection which is unattainable. And we pack up what we’re doing when we hit a road block.

I’m not perfect. I haven’t been since my late teens / early twenties when I also knew everything. I’ve begun to accept slowly over the years and have learned to look past adversity and finish things I’ve started – perfect or not.

What would you have done with the cheese?



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  1. Maaan, listen! Perfection is not only impossible, but completely overrated. The Whole30 eliminates foods, yes, but the point is learn what works best for you and find balance. Have and ENJOY the deliciously decadent burger (or tacos or whatever) every once in awhile and then hop back into healthy eating. I’d say you nailed that lesson, so congrats! 🙂

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