I have an idea. Do you?

I’m no fan of proprietary information or the idea of intellectual property.  The idea of proprietary anything doesn’t make practical sense to me for a few important reasons. I think we as a species would be much better sharing our ideas and information.

For as long as I can remember when I had something so did my friends.  Toys, laughter, and as I grew older other things such as ideas and money, and maybe pot.  I have an older brother and friends that treated me this way.  It rubbed off and its a good way to be.  In a well rounded group this egalitarian approach helps everyone through what would otherwise be lean times.  Although it comes from the same open spirit the sharing of ideas is slightly different and I’ll touch on this later.

My philosophy regarding sharing became furthered when I started getting into Linux and other open source software around ten years ago.  It spoke to my inner hippie.  For those of you who don’t know opensource is the antithesis of proprietary.  Its not exactly protected by a copyright. In fact one of the nicknames for opensource is copyleft. The General Public License, or GPL, is a common copyright for opensource products.  In a nutshell it usually states something along the lines of this:  The user can use the software and modify this code on one condition: it must not be made proprietary.

Opensource code must remain open for anyone and everyone to use and modify. It is generally free from a cost prospective as well and often times the only time cost is involved is when corporations need tech support when they use it.  Opensource products such as the various Linux distributions are the most stable and secure in all the land.  They are behind the scenes running our world.  85%+ of enterprise companies use Linux to run their email and web servers, store their data on and so fourth.  One of the most interesting features is that it is community maintained, often times main contributors do so for free.  They contribute for the sake of contributing and making a part of their world better.

It isn’t serendipity that makes Linux the best and most safe and secure operating systems.  Its the best because it is the result of a collective and collaborative effort.  One that is dependent on the free flow and sharing of ideas.

Can you tell I like Linux?  I do. I really really do.  Like really really really.   I have a hard-on right now.

Ideas and information are inherently different from physical tangible goods.  If you have an apple and your friend has an apple and you each trade apples after the exchange you are each left with an apple.  If you have an idea and your friend has an idea….even if it is a shitty idea…and you trade ideas after the exchange you will both now have two ideas.  That’s fucking different. Real different.

I have a few ideas.

Do you?

Lets share them.

And hold hands and sing kumbaya.

Its sooooooooo much better than being mean cheapskate hierarchical dick heads to each other.




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  1. I have an idea. It’s not all mine but I hold it for now. I found it, or rather it found me only recently via the akashic web if you like.

    Our encounter was not unsimilar to that of online dating. You see the idea was always out there in the ethers, patiently waiting upon someone to pick up on its vibration. Once the idea found itself a channel of suitable frequency it proposed itself to me and as it resonated so well within me I gladly accepted its invitation.

    Although still relatively young in our relationship, I feel firm that we will share a fruitful life together.

    It is a great idea in my opinion and I would to share it with not only you John Francis but also extend it further afield to all conscious beings…

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