Alternative Facts

On January 20th 2017 Sean Spicer held a press conference where he scolded the press for their coverage of the presidential inauguration.  The press reported and showed photographic evidence of a relatively small crowd. And the Trump team found it necessary to hold a press conference where Spicer yelled at the press without even taking any questions which is bizarre in and of itself. Doesn’t the president have bigger fish to fry than to address things such as the size of the crowd, his hands or his short sword? Spicer did what politicians do…he lied.  A lot. And blatantly.

Spicer’s lies were thinly veiled and easily refuted.  The internet exploded over this bullshit.  So much so that Kellyanne Conway, a Counselor for Trump felt the need to come to the defense of the Trump camp.  Her main argument was not with evidence to the contrary that would show Spicer didn’t lie but that he had presented “Alternative Facts.”

Are you fucking kidding me? What exactly in the fuck are you talking about Conway? Alternative facts?  I mean it is hilarious dont get me wrong.  I laughed long and hard with my friends and family until reality sunk in. They are taking lying to a completely new level.  Trump does have the nuclear launch codes. So I think this should make us at least a little wary. What else will be an alternative fact?  Some country having yellow cake? Putin launching nukes?

I tried not to be shit my pants when Trump was elected and just try to imagine another four years of the same shit.  This isn’t helping me keep it together and not joining the massive protest against the new president.  Trump’s presidential race to the first few days seem to have been torn from a poorly written surreal satire. I think in a best case scenario Trump will help facilitate the largest theft of public wealth this country has seen in a very long time.  I think I have a fantastic imagination but I lack the creative power to imagine what is the worst case…..


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